Sam I am not

As part of my patriotic duty, I appeared on last weekend’s Studio 360 to judge the winners of their Uncle Sam redesign challenge. The winner was, to me, a no-brainer: Brendan Condit’s brilliant twist on the original “I want YOU” poster encapsulates everything that needs to be reframed about service in this country. Brendan used the famous JFK inauguration speech as the basis for a new message that shows the many different ways that Americans can serve, and directs them back to the Obama administration’s initiative. His series of four posters includes racial diversity and an encouraging civic-minded ethic—more appropriate for these times than the wagging-fingered, white-haired man.

On the show, I’m also thrilled to be paired with the awesome Portland-based designer Kate Bingaman-Burt, who passed the assignment over to her students and documented their process as well. There’s more on the winners at our brand-new design site over at Fast Company or you can listen to the segment yourself, right here. I come in around the 5:00 mark with some curious information about that old Uncle Sam you’ve come to know.

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