Squashed blossoms


One day this mystery squash vine appeared in the garden, most likely as a compost heap survivor. Excited as I was about the possibility of pumpkins, I was more excited about the meals we’d be enjoying long before Halloween. Squash blossoms are a true delicacy in the sense that they require a certain level of sacrifice: For every blossom you eat, that’s one less squash you’ll be enjoying come harvest. But I assure you, they’re worth it.

Tempura-fried squash blossoms

I often use this tempura recipe from Wolfgang Puck which is especially light and fluffy because it uses soda water in the batter. Instead of goat cheese, we stuffed them with a mixture of farmers market feta and Laughing Cow. They were crispy and sweet and spicy and the very first thing I thought when I dropped the golden blossom into my mouth was, “Wouldn’t this be great with goat cheese ice cream?” Next time.

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  • Jessica

    You are not necessarily sacrificing a squash when you eat a blossom.  Squash blossoms are male or female, and only the females will develop a squash.  The male flowers will just die, so those are the ones to eat.