Fountain for one


It’s going to be 96 degrees in downtown today. Probably the hottest day of the year so far.


As I was stumbling around downtown the other day on my way to a meeting for the Moving Beyond Cars event, I walked through the Music Center plaza and its witty, wet centerpiece. It was hot—not as hot as it will be today—but hot enough that I huddled in close to catch the mist from its choreographed splashes. And there was not a single person around to enjoy it with me.


Except that guy.


In two years, this fountain will sit like a crown on a ribbon of green that reaches from here to City Hall, the white building you can see in the distance. There will be a real public park for downtown LA. And a new museum with great architecture sure to make it a worthy foil to Disney Hall. Which means—and we hope—thousands of people will be crawling these blocks at all hours of the day and night.


That means you’ve got two years to enjoy the silent canyons of Grand Avenue. Two years to experience the vacant plazas, the empty benches, the quiet sidewalks. Especially on this scorcher of an afternoon, I highly recommend paying a visit to these lonely urban geysers for one of their last private performances.

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