Exoskeletons in the closet

Today's hangover is sponsored by @thejgold, @oobriciaoo, and my new mezcal-swimming pal, Pinchy:

It has become tradition for the USC/Annenberg Getty Arts Journalism fellowship to welcome a new fellow halfway through the program. Last night we were introduced to this sharp new addition to the team during an outing to Guelaguetza, the legendary Oaxacan restaurant in Koreatown. Pinchy’s piercing wit was the perfect addition to our dinner table—no small feat since one of our dining companions edits the smartest new literary publication in LA and the other just anointed Guelaguetza as one of 99 essential local restaurants. Yes, we got to spend some quality time with Pinchy while we enjoyed our pickled pigs feet and goat meat burritos and mezcal margaritas. And then we ate him.

More about the USC/Annenberg Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship. More photos here.

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  • Sue

    um is that a scorpion?

  • Carren Jao

    Goat meat burritos sound good. :)