Compostmodern closing thoughts (in rhyme!)

I spent yesterday moderating Compostmodern, the design and sustainability conference hosted by AIGA San Francisco. At the end of the day, I read a wrap-up of the day, including 18 speakers, which I had composed as a poem. Here it is!

Thank you Compostmodern 2011, it couldn’t have been much greater
And now here’s a little wrap up from your Compostmoderator

Let’s recap a few of the ideas you can tuck under your pillow
From 18 incredible speakers whose knowledge was for real, yo

Yves Behar said to invent new models when bringing sustainability to business
“Think Big, Start Small, Move Faster” and to deliver more, not less

Christopher Simmons will save design a seat at that big powerful business table
But how do we connect economics with our craft so we can prove that we’re able?

The Modern’s Janine James gave an overview of studio work and play
What’s the “tsunami” in your office that will change how you create each day?

Dara O’Rourke wants us to connect the dots between products and progress
Let’s give consumers clear, well-designed tools for their decision-making process

Nathan Waterhouse at Open IDEO is designing with people, not for,
Finding the right question is as important as the answer, maybe more.

Kate Daughdrill’s dinners give artists grants that make Detroit pretty
How can having fun turn into a way that can help fund projects for your city?

Give a standing O to Scott Thomas for his gorgeous Obama campaign designs
And for self-publishing a book that proved you can (and should) work outside the lines

Allan Chochinov of Core77 ran through the poster finalists, we wish the winner good luck
So many great ideas from less equals more, to our planet is totally f—uh, screwed

We saw RED with Julie Cordua and learned how fashion can fight the spread of AIDS
Are all companies bold enough to put a strong social message on what they’ve made?

Ci’s Kiersten de West gave us the tools for authentic consumer engagement
“The color of sustainability isn’t just green” it’s also about customer committment

Jonah Sachs passed along the tenants of storytelling, with stories of meat and stuff
What’s the narrative that you want to tell people, and is your story interesting enough?

Catapult’s Heather Fleming says to be sustainable we have to look beyond the U.S.
Democratizing design means thinking about systems and remembering about the rest

Lisa Gansky thinks sharing is the key—even sharing our failures and disasters
If we learn to “Mesh” with others, can we solve our problems faster?

Dan Phillips made a Commotion building upcycled houses for low-income mothers
Let’s try diverting waste from one industry to make something more elegant for others

Nitzan Waisberg’ Sustainable Abundance encourages us to look at our behavior
By examining the context of our actions, we’ll be able to create more

Surprise! Everyone gets a parting gift, just like Oprah’s Favorite Things Show!
Look under your seat for your very own Compostmobile (actually, it’s at the App Store)

From the Pratt Design Incubator, Debera Johnson shows how schools can practice reality
Try taking those projects by students and turning them into actuality

Marc Mathieu asked, Is Consumption Really the Problem? No, the problem, GASP, is us!
Stop thinking about making goods and think about creating a better existence

Bruce Mau, he of Massive Change, showed how smart and sexy need to coexist
And his goal to make education inclusive, even as massive challenges persist

So. What’s on your agenda here, at the end of this inspiring day?
What’s the one thing that you would tackle if you had your place to say?

Let’s head to the Hub at 8 for wine to get a little post-conference loopy
But tomorrow we’ll put these ideas into action, even the ones about poopy

Remember, we can’t solve our messiest problems unless we get our hands dirty
So we’ll see you back, right here, tomorrow at 9:30.

Today’s the unconference where we’ll be diving into some of these issues, so follow along at #cpm11 at Twitter or check out Jessica Watson’s great ongoing coverage at Core.77.

Top image: One of the finalists from Core77’s sustainable refrainables contest, photo by Core77

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