I’m on The Career Clinic tomorrow

Bukowski's typewriter, radio, and wine glass at the Huntington Library (just before I got busted for taking a photo).

I’m very excited to announce that tomorrow I’ll be a guest on The Career Clinic, the radio show hosted by Maureen Anderson about that endless quest to find out what we all really want to be when we grow up. I’ll be talking about my circuitous (and hopefully entertaining) path to becoming a freelance writer. You can tune in here, www.am1100.tv, to hear the show starting at 11am Central/9am Pacific. And the best part is that it’s a call-in show! Call 1-888-598-8464 or send an email to maureen [at] thecareerclinic [dot] com to ask me your most personal questions!

Also be sure to check out Maureen’s book The Career Clinic: Eight Simple Rules for Finding Work You Love, which was reviewed by my friend, the great Colleen Wainwright. See you on the radio!

Update: Thanks so much to Maureen, who asked some really amazing questions. She posted a great thank you on her blog. Here are all five parts of the interview!

The Career Clinic Part 1

The Career Clinic Part 2

The Career Clinic Part 3

The Career Clinic Part 4

The Career Clinic Part 5

The top photo, for those who are interested, is Charles Bukowski’s typewriter, radio and well-used wine glass, which was part of the show Charles Bukowski: Poet on the Edge at the Huntington Library. Check out more Bukowski book covers in this awesome post by Keith.

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