Palm Springs eternal

Rainy Ace

Last weekend we headed out to a drizzly desert for our first de LaB field trip, where we were greeted with storm clouds and near-freezing temperatures.

Rainy palm

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Palm Springs when it’s rained. Not once.


There is something about seeing this land of leisurewear under such bleak circumstances that was very humanizing.

Nice DIY signage

I noticed all sorts of unsavory things I don’t think I would have been as open to seeing if it had been 72 and sunny.

Weepy poppies

Even the flowers looked ashamed to be seen in this state.

The panel at Michael Lord

The funny thing about Palm Springs is that the town is far more alive in the cool weather of the winter than it is in the summer when it’s warm. We had a great crowd at the panel we hosted for Modernism Week (there’s a recap of it here).

A suddenly sunny day

And when we came outside afterwards, the gloomy Palm Springs was gone, leaving bright blue skies, puffy grey clouds…

Cold days, warm pool

…and while not exactly warm weather, the pool was warm enough (80 degrees) and the hot tub was even hotter. Note the freshly-fallen snow on the San Jacinto peaks at center right.

Old times

The next morning, it was brilliantly sunny and Palm Springs was back to its old self. I took a run up the canyon and discovered this little fort.

Inside my fort

It had a great view of the neighborhood.

Nothing like a crazy night getting wasted on Barefoot chardonnay

Obviously these Palm Springs residents were so depressed about the cold snap that they had gone on a serious Chardonnay bender.

Joshua Tree in the distance

Since I’ve never been to Palm Springs when it rained, I’ve also never seen it after a rainstorm, which is something to behold. That’s snow on the mountains of Joshua Tree in the distance.


Here’s the still-dewy cholla cactus glittering in the morning light.

de Ladies

After breakfast, I took a photo with my fellow de Lab co-hosts (de Ladies?) by the pool. Our first group photo since adding Erin as a host!

Old gas station

And on the way out of town we stopped at Secret Service, a really great little store that sells men’s clothes out of an old filling station.

Couches by Environment

Turns out they also have a store in Los Angeles. Hanging out in this little slice of LA in the desert provided the perfect transition before heading back home to reality.

More photos from our trip here.

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