Middle of the road

Would you believe this beautiful shot

As soon as I saw the tree, I wanted to be underneath it, sitting in that little square of sun at its trunk. I imagined myself perched atop this hill on this warm day, soaking up the breezy shade, the grass swaying around me in unison. Where is this pastoral scene, you might ask? Griffith Park? Elysian Park? Angeles National Forest?

Is between a freeway

It can be found between the southbound and northbound lanes of the 101, just north of the Silver Lake Boulevard exit. I still think it would make a lovely place to sit.

More photos of forbidden freeway median parks, and other places in LA.

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  • reggie h.

    I see this tree every day. I've actually have named it “Happy Tree”, because I used to have to commute from Hollywood to Buena Park every weekday for the past year, and when I'd leave work (in Hollywood) at the end of the day, I'd hit the wonderful 6/7pm traffic on the 101 south. From Hollywood Blvd. to DTLA, I'd be sitting in the usual bumper-to-bumper traffic. But I'd eventually pass this tree, and every time I'd look at it (because I had the time to) it'd make me happy, because it actually let's me know I'm halfway through the traffic hell I'm sitting in. So that's why I started calling the “Happy Tree”.

    A year later, I've moved closer to work, and the funny thing is, my exit is Silver Lake, so it's like the tree was calling to me the entire time. :)

  • reggie h.

    edit: Halfway through the _101_ traffic hell I was sitting in. I still had to take the 5 back to Orange County after the 101. :

  • Alissa

    That is so amazing! I'm so happy when someone notices the little pieces of LA that I do. I'm going to be sure to check it out from the freeway as well. Glad it provided some comfort for you on your commute, and now welcomes you home. Now I think we have to name it Happy Tree Park!