The business of transience

The whole gang at SKD

I know, I know, I’ve got lots to report from my recent comings and goings (for a preview of last week’s trip to Austin, check my photos here). But comings and goings were exactly the topic of conversation during a panel I moderated Wednesday night at Stuart Karten Design. For an event entitled ‘The Business of Transience,” Stuart and his team gathered some of my favorite transient experiences: Coolhaus, Green Truck, Nom Nom and Royal T Cafe (all of which I’ve written about!).

I was thrilled to moderate this discussion because I, too, consider myself a transient in the sense that I can move about the city freely and flexibly using various non-car ways. And I think that being able to interact with new people in neighborhoods I would have otherwise never visited has made me a better citizen of LA. With the panelists, we talked a lot about that freedom and how having a light footprint enables their businesses to reach different audiences. We also discussed the recessionary roots of pop-up culture, the changing personality of LA’s food scene, and the challenges of opening a small business in LA. You can see a great writeup of the evening here: “5 Lessons from Pop-up Businesses.”

Thanks so much to Stuart and his great team for inviting me to be a part of the event. There are some more photos here (including the amazing cheese spread—wow!). And you can see both Coolhaus and Stuart Karten Design speak at the upcoming Steal This Idea: GOOD Design LA event coming up April 8 at Atwater Crossing. More on that soon!

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  • Carren Jao

    That sounded like a great panel! :) Also, glad you brought up GOOD Design LA! :) That somehow passed under my radar!

  • Gregory Han

    Thanks again for inviting us to the event. We actually came away very inspired by the panel (and impressed by the moderator). A-Frame popcorn, huzzah!