Go Co.Design!

Each year the American Society of Magazine Editors doles out their top awards for publications at the National Magazine Awards. The winners take home giant elephantine abstract sculptures designed by Alexander Calder, and that’s why almost everyone in the mag world calls the awards “The Ellies.” Although the big award show is in May, last week they handed out the Digital Media Ellies for online efforts (to be honest, I’m a little peeved that they still separate the digital from the print, but maybe that will change soon). We were thrilled just to get a nomination for Fast Company’s new blog, Co.Design, for Best Online Department. But guess what, we won!

That’s my boss, Noah! Holding an Ellie!

But that’s not actually the most amazing part. We were up against some pretty established brands—National Geographic, Foreign Policy—who have been doing some really smart work—The Daily Beast—for, like, years now—New York Magazine. The fact that Co.Design, a blog that’s less than a year old, beat out something established like New York Magazine’s Vulture… well, let’s just say there’s nothing like a little vote of confidence from your peers to make you feel good about cranking up the old MacBook Air every day.

As part of the submission process, Fast Company made this great video above that introduces the site. Besides the video, you can see the list of stories that were submitted, including two of my personal favorites: A story I wrote about how Mad Men actors are borrowing the show’s advertising cachet by appearing in ads themselves, and our series on the new/old/confused Gap logo.

Congrats to my executive editor Noah Robischon and his incredible vision, our senior editor and design goddess Linda Tischler, our tireless editor Cliff Kuang, and my fellow contributors Suzanne LaBarre and John Pavlus. And special thanks to Scott Thomas for designing the site, which is sure to get plenty of nods in the future as well.

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