Sidewalk dining

Orange and orange

I’m face-to-the-desk working this weekend to finish up a few big projects after a particularly busy week. This is, of course, making this perfect pre-summer weather almost unbearable. But I was able to squeeze in a walk to Silver Lake Wine the other night to review the new food truck by Heirloom LA, which I got to write about for GOOD.

Heirloom LA tacos

It was a warm night, and seeing all the people huddled outside around this exciting new venture, sipping flights of whites made me feel so excited for summer this year. Starting tomorrow, they’ll be serving brunch outside Bar Covell, one of my favorite drinking establishments in the city. Yes, a food truck brunch paired with a killer wine and beer list, could there be any idea better than that? I tell you, summer is here.

Just as soon as I get finished with this work.

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