How little can you drive this month?

LA, it could not be a more beautiful day to ride a bike. #twowheeltuesday

For the last few months, GOOD has been taking on a challenge per month in an attempt to live better. It’s like performing an experiment on ourselves. Can we avoid using chemical-laced shampoo? Can we live without processed foods? (Before you say anything about that last one, I don’t eat the Peeps. I swear!)

This month’s challenge is near and dear to my heart. Friends everywhere, can we Stop Driving So Damn Much?

You may not know that, besides being just lovely weather-wise, May is also National Bike Month and National Asthma Awareness Month. Because cars often make both bicycling and breathing more difficult, we couldn’t think of a better GOOD Challenge for this month than to try to drive as little as possible.

Armed with our bikes, our bus passes, our carpools, and our plain old feet, GOOD staffers are attempting to make it a full four weeks keeping our personal car use to a minimum.

Although I won’t really be doing anything different this month—I’ll still be hoofin’ it, busin’ it, and, with my new Public bike, who you still need to meet, bikin’ it—I’m thrilled that my fellow co-workers are accepting this challenge. And I’d love to offer my services to you, should you need any advising when it comes to hopping on that first Red Line train or taking that beach cruiser out of the garage or, well, I hope you still remember how to walk, but if not, I CAN HELP!

And! I want to hear your stories. The good, the bad, the guy who threw up on you while you were on the 4 bus (I’ve only heard of that happening once, promise). Please send me your stories via email when you’re in the field, or post them here. We’ve already got some amazing stories over at the GOOD LA Facebook page, but I want to hear from you. Plus, if you subscribe to the GOOD LA daily email (head to we’ll be sending you invites to some great non-car events this month you won’t want to miss out on.

Good luck! And if you need moral support, remember, I’m always a Twitter account (@gelatobaby) away…

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