Happy Los Angeles Design Festival!

Best shot of downtown

Today is the official launch of the Los Angeles Design Festival, yet another new way to celebrate the vibrant creative community we have here in LA. The festival was created by two of my great friends and collaborators, Michael Sylvester and Haily Zaki, and if last night’s opening party was any indication, it’s going to be a fantastic two weeks. With strong tequila cocktails.

de LaB is a sponsor of the festival, so over on our blog we created the de LaB Guide to LADF with our picks for what to do on almost every day of the festival (and sometimes multiple picks that overlap; we’re sorry!). I’m making several appearances on panels and at parties so here’s where you can find me over the next two weeks. The most exciting thing is that my aunt and mom will be here, too, so if you come see me, you’ll actually get to meet three Walkers.

Thursday, June 16
de LaB Tour of HOLA and Beer Belly
Tonight we’re hosting a tour of Heart of LA, a gorgeous new community center in Lafayette Park designed by Kanner Architects. Then we’re heading about a mile west to check out Beer Belly, the slick modern beer garden designed by our friends at MAKE.
6:30pm, HOLA

Thursday, June 23
Architizer City Talks
I’m really excited about this conversation between me, Architizer founder Marc Kushner and architect Peter Zellner. We’ll be talking about some new architectural projects in Los Angeles and how they’re going to affect the city.
6:00 to 8:00pm, Standard Downtown

Friday, June 24
The Architecture of Transportation Symposium
As part of the AIA’s annual conference, I’ll be appearing on a panel called “Walking the ‘Hood’: Defining the Characteristics of a Complete Community.” I’ll be talking about my favorite topic with local architects, engineers, and developers.
10:45am, LA Convention Center

Sunday, June 26
Dwell on Design
I’m moderating two back-to-back panels on the Sustainability Stage based on stories I’ve been following for the past year. First: “Are Two Wheels Better Than Four” is about biking in LA. The second, “How to Grow a School Garden,” is about—you guessed it!—school gardens.
11:30 am and 12:00pm, LA Convention Center

Wednesday, June 29
All the de LaB hosts will be “in residence,” as you might call it, at this interesting experiment to offer our design services for a $1/minute to whoever who wants to hire us. You can hire us for walking tours, personal shopping services, or to go to a bar and drink with you. Come put us to work!
2:00 to 5:00pm,  Strangeways Academy

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  • Marissa Gluck

    Where is my panel? I need to gelatobaby seal of approval. I’m afraid otherwise no one will show up.

  • Alissa

    These are only the events that I’m speaking at, but everyone, you should go to Marissa’s panel on Tuesday night, called Designing for Demographics: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=205862726124860

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    So beautiful guys……………………………………………………