What happened in Vegas

Vegas, @Gelatobaby, Vegas.

Ah, Vegas. Where every cup has its own catchphrase.


Where the carpets are so bright they can melt your shoes.

Bathroom bigger than our house

Where the bathrooms are bigger than your house.

Suite life

And all the rooms come with private pools.

Oh wait, they don’t? That’s right, they don’t. Because this room at the Mirage was special. So special, in fact, that it felt oddly familiar. It only took a few minutes on YouTube to find out why.

When our butler was wheeling in breakfast (um, yes, we had a butler—am I blowing your mind yet?) he confirmed this detail, as well as the fact that some people staying there request to rent Vegas Vacation to watch IN THE SUITE. Should you want to experience this kind of Vegas, ask for “Lanai Nineteen” or you can actually tell them that Nick Papagiorgio sent you. They will get it.

Allegra Omar Alissa 3

And then you can do this.

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