Walking with mom

Beautiful Donna

My mom’s in town for a few days so we took a walk around the neighborhood to visit some of my favorite spots. (Don’t worry, mine is 100% dairy-free sorbet… and it was good!)


It’s funny to walk through a place you know well with someone from out of town—you start to see the same old street through new eyes. Stuff you pass every day suddenly becomes novel.

Best pillows ever

The stores you’ve been in a million times are filled with brilliant new products. And maybe the best pillows you’ve ever seen.

Flowers at Gilly

The little things you took for granted suddenly appear brighter, more alive.

Stone planters at El Chavo

And the tiniest details reveal themselves—if you take the time to look.

Book counter

You start to see all the incredible possibilities for even the most mundane, everyday objects.

Walking with mom.

I recommend taking a walk in your neighborhood with an out-of-towner as soon as possible.

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