Public Transportation: Who needs it?

A few months back I wrote a story about Vintage Los Angeles, a Facebook page dedicated to the lovely, lost world of L.A. Since then, the neverending stream of eye candy (and mind candy) delivered by the amazing Alison Martino has made it a daily stop on my online travels. Last weekend, for the Carmageddon that never came, Alison posted a string of transit- and freeway-related content, including this incredible 1968 educational film. According to the YouTube text, it was “distributed to libraries, schools and community groups by the Southern California Rapid Transit District in advance of a 1968 ballot initiative.” I’m guessing it was an initiative that didn’t pass.

Be sure to watch Part 2 and Part 3, too. Highly entertaining and also informative. I admit I learned a few things!

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  • Examined Spoke

    A friend of mine tells me that his mother liked when Los Angeles removed the tram lines (Red Car, etc.) in favor of automobiles. There must have been enough people like her to make it happen, but (of course) many of us lament their loss today.