Hotter than Tatooine

Prickly pear

We spent last weekend in Tucson for the wedding of my brother, Luke Sky Walker (yes, I’m serious) to the lovely Jen Rak. Before you even ask the question, I will answer it for you. Yes, it was hot. On the day they got married, it was 107 degrees.


But it was fitting that the Jedi knight would choose to have the most important day of his life in a place that was similar both in climate and topography to his home planet, Tatooine.

Cactus cake toppers made by Jen!

The theme carried over to every element of Luke and Jen’s wedding, from the setting (the Tucson Botanical Gardens) to their wedding cake (prickly pear with cactus toppers, all made by Jen). And yes, he cut the cake using his lightsaber, of course.

I think a lizard at your wedding is good luck

The ceremony and reception were beautiful. Unfortunately, there were some unexpected guests at the wedding. I think this guy was related to Greedo, but I didn’t get a chance to ask him. Luckily we didn’t see any Sand People.

Ladder to nowhere

During our time in Tucson, we stayed at the Arizona Inn, a historic pink adobe resort that was built in 1930. The rambling buildings and wooden ladders reminded me more than a little of the Ewok Village.

A spectacular thing

Since it was so warm, we spent most of our time at the pool. Boy, did we encounter some strange creatures there. I swear, it was like the Mos Eisley Cantina!

Lovely hat

Flower power

Squid face


But perhaps the best part about being at a wedding that was hotter than Jabba’s sail barge was the fact that there was free ice cream, every day, for everyone. I am totally not kidding. Book your rooms at the Arizona Inn today.

Powering down

And congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Luke Sky Walker.

More photos from Tucson.

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  • Paula and Tom Steuer

    Congratulations Luke and Jen!  You all look soooo fabulous…I am pretty sure I would have melted in that heat, but you all  look so cool…how do you do it?
    We are so happy for you and wish you 70 years  (or more) of happy anniversaries in the land of Tattooine!
    Paula and Tom Steuer
    Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado

  • Debbie vonDoersten

    Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Luke Sky Walker!! Loved  seeing pictures of your wedding in such a beautiful setting! Wishing you both a long and loving lifetime together. Looking forward to meeting your beautiful bride in the near future.
    XOXO Debbie vonDoersten

  • JoAnn Jones

    Congratulations to them both and to all of you for surviving the 107 degrees.  It was almost that warm in St. Louis, I imagine–only NOT DRY HEAT.  (Which makes it much more unpleasant–and besides we don’t get free ice cream every day.)
    We wish them many years of happiness together, whatever the temperature and whatever planet they choose to inhabit!  Love, JoAnn and Bruce Jones

  • Mbm80

    Congratulations to Luke and Jen!  You both look fabulous and the wedding sounds like so much fun!  We wish you a long and happy life together!  Donna and Tom, it was great to see some recent pictures of you…..both looking fantastic as always!  Allisa, we loved your blog and photos.
    Our Love to All,John and Margie 

  • Jen Daquila

    We loved the pictures.  The are great and everyone looks soooooo beautiful in 107 degree weather.  Wishing you a great life together.
    Jenny & Danny DAquila and gang