Google moves mountains [Updated]

Since when is Mt. Whitney in Yosemite?

I’ll get back to the photos of our trip in the next post, but first I wanted to recount an odd moment when I was looking up directions on my iPhone while we were in Yosemite. Anyone who knows the park will know this particular area is a green mellow meadow drizzled with a lazy meandering river. Yet, to us, it appeared that we were going to have to summit Mt. Whitney in order to get to dinner that evening.

Surely it must have been a weird iPhone quirk, I thought. So I checked it out online.

Another misplaced Mt Whitney

Nope, Google still wants to put Mt. Whitney in the heart of Yosemite. About 211 miles walking (via the John Muir Trail, that is) from where it actually is.

Misplaced Mt Whitney

But Mt. Whitney keeps on moving! When I checked again it had jumped the 395, nestling close to Mammoth. In actuality, the 14,505-foot mountain is just to the left of Lone Pine in the bottom righthand corner of that image, right near those snowcapped mountains. (84 miles west of the lowest point in the U.S., Death Valley. Gosh I love California.)

I know we can’t take GPSes and online maps at their worth, what with their abilities to make people drive off cliffs or find the Hollywood sign. But come on, this is the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States! If Google is going to make a map that shows natural features, it better mark those features accurately. It’s an affront to geography!

Oh, wait, I thought. Maybe it needs to be inputed as “Mount Whitney.” That must be it, I reasoned.

Here’s what happens if you actually put “Mount Whitney” into Google Maps.

Not even close

Mt. Whitney is now just a few miles from the coast! Plan your trips now, my friends, before it moves again. The scenery must be beautiful this time of year.

Update: Gosh darn it, we did it, guys!

It's fixed!

Thank you, thank you, Google, for putting Mt. Whitney back where it belongs!

More photos of places which may or may not be near Mt. Whitney.

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