The view out my window

They're pretty much useless as trees, but man, they are so unbelievably perfect as ambiance.

You might remember that I collect sunsets. They’re not very pretty in the summer, actually. But this was a particularly good one.

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  • actorsdiet

    was that from sunday?  i remember the sky being particularly beautiful during my walk home.

  • Carren Jao

    Awesome! I didn’t realize they were better in some seasons than in others! I love it. LA’s the only place I’ve been able to appreciate them. There are so many open spaces here :)

  • Alissa

    It’s actually from Thursday!

  • Rolly Corvin

    Sunsets are always pretty during any season. It reminds you that another day passed by and tomorrow is always a mystery.

  • Double Glazing

    Nice view.Keep it update

  • Conservatories

    Nice pic.Thanks for this post.