LAX: 10 shots of the city

Maltman palms

Starting with a Canon Rebel (that used actual film!) to the Leica D-LUX 4 that I usually wear around my neck, a camera has been a near-constant presence in my life during my ten years in LA. Over 10,000 photos, mostly shot in LA, are uploaded to my Flickr account, and those are just from the last four years. So when I started this project I immediately began thinking about which shot I’d pick as my favorite LA photo.

Of course I couldn’t decide. So here are 10 of my favorites. Many of them have been featured in my Street Walker series.


Shot from the window of my old apartment, looking out over Hollywood.

Street level

Jacaranda blossoms on the street, our purple snowfall that announces summer is on the way.

Cornucopia of California

Our Thanksgiving dinner table. I’m not sure which I liked more, our Romanesco cauliflower centerpiece or the fact that we were eating turkey outside in 70 degree weather.

Snow from Silver Lake

I’ll never get tired of the view from the top of my street after it snows in the mountains.


A typical haul from the Hollywood Farmers Market… in November. (And all brought home via bus, on my back.)

Like Wizard of Oz

Riding through the Cornfield with Farmlab gardener Jaime Lopez Wolters with downtown in the distance. Or maybe it’s Oz.


The soft glow of my favorite work of public art, Urban Light by Chris Burden at LACMA.

Garden post-rain

Succulents in my garden, most of them snipped, plucked, and scavenged from the front yards of houses in the Hollywood Hills.

Such a beautiful house

At the Stahl House during my USC Getty/Annenberg Fellowship, trying to channel Julius Shulman.

From the Observatory

And of course, the quintessential. Shot from Griffith Observatory.

Your turn. I’d love to see your favorite photo you’ve taken of LA.

I’m celebrating ten years in LA with ten days of LA stories. Go here for more LAX.

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  • Carren Jao

    Love the shot from the Observatory. I always try to take that shot, but I can never capture the twinkling lights so well :)

  • team gloria

    oh wow. love your pictures! especially the one from the Griffith Park Ob. beautiful.

    here’s a few of ours from the Other Coast.

    _team gloria. 

  • Michael Sylvester

    Hi Carren
    Set the camera to a longer shutter speed.Try using a small Joby Gorillapod to hold the camera.
    The small Gorillapod is tiny/flexible and packs in your bag easily. 

  • Carren_Jao

    Wow, I just saw this now after 2 years… :) but the Gorillapod is probably what I’ve been missing. I never have a tripod with me when I take photos! Thanks Michael!