GOOD and CEOs for Cities announce GOOD Ideas for Cities!

I have typed so many words about this today that my fingernails are about to fall off, but, really, who needs fingernails when you have such great news to share! I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that GOOD Design, the program that I co-founded with Casey Caplowe (and wrote about for the first time on this very blog!) is relaunching with CEOs for Cities as GOOD Ideas for Cities, thanks to a very generous grant from ArtPlace, a fantastic new collaboration between the National Endowment for the Arts and 11 arts and urban development foundations.

GOOD Design has been my non-gelato baby for the last three years, and for me personally, it has taken many forms. It’s an incredible event series that’s engaged and inspired audiences in four cities, a generous group of designers who have donated their time in the name of improving their communities, an intelligent circle of government and civic leaders who have guided some of the solutions towards reality, and a growing family of ideas that are so smart, so clever and so totally do-able that they need to be shared with a larger audience. This grant is going to help make that possible.

I’ve written lots more about GOOD Ideas for Cities over at GOOD and you can also read about ArtPlace’s mission in The New York Times. I could not be more excited to associate myself with the list of 34 incredible ArtPlace-funded projects across the country, including the fact that the other LA grantees are our good friends at the Watts House Project. But the absolute best part about announcing this grant is the fact that you could get one, too: Yes, they’re already accepting applications for the next round of grants.

Since this now feels like an acceptance speechy moment, I’d love to give some huge public thank yous to everyone who helped get us here. To Casey, the best creative collaborator on the planet, for always being the one to say, “But what if we…” and then blowing me away with some wacky idea that we just had to try. To Carol Coletta, the executive director of ArtPlace, who not only encouraged us to apply, she was very poetically the first person to realize the potential of this program while she was director of CEOs for Cities. And to Julia Klaiber, our enthusiastic partner at CEOs for Cities, who was so excited about the idea she said yes to the partnership before I could even finish the sentence.

Finally, to all the designers, city leaders, teachers, students and sponsors who have been a part of all the events throughout the years, I cannot wait to get you even more recognition and exposure for your work. Believe me, you will all be a part of this next chapter. And should you want to see that next chapter in action, please come to our upcoming events in New York City on September 19, and in San Francisco on September 29. I hope to see you there!

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