Philadelphia freedom

City Hall

Ah, Philadelphia. The birthplace of our nation, the home of self-evident truths, the city of Brotherly Love.


And Sisterly Love.

Patriotic houses

Philly is a city in transition, yet it still manages to nod to its history on every block.

America's subway

Even the subway gets into the spirit of ’76.

Brotherly love

Acts of goodwill towards men were apparent on every corner.

Walk Philly!

And the streets made me feel at home.

With her giardia!

Everyone was so friendly in Philly. This guy at the Mütter Museum was a little too friendly.

Roasted pork sandwich at DiNic's

Speaking of parasites, the food was great. We ate roasted pork sandwiches at DiNic’s.

Fall cocktails

And sipped autumn-colored cocktails at the delightful Supper.

Mascarpone and Concord grape gelato (so good!)  at @CapogiroPenn with @walker_beth!

But forget the cheesesteak. What you want to eat in Philly is Capogiro Gelato. Featured here: creamy mascarpone and an astounding Concord grape. I think our founding fathers would approve.

More Philly photos.

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  • Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet

    my hubby’s from philly! his folks live right by capogiro, where i go to get my blog posts up (and eat gelato too, of course) 

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