Los Angeles, we’re yours

It’s no secret that I’m in love with Los Angeles. Like, ridiculously, unapologetically, possibly clinically insanely in love with Los Angeles. So it was really only a matter of time before I’d grab your sleeve and tug your attention towards Los Angeles, I’m Yours, a beautiful new LA lovefest edited by my friends Bobby Solomon and Kyle Fitzpatrick. The site features visually-driven stories on all that is new in our fair city and profiles on creatives who help make LA the greatest place on earth, all written by a group of exceptionally good-looking contributors.

While I was excited just to be counted as a reader of Los Angeles, I’m Yours, I’m honored to say that I’ve just been featured on the site in a wonderful interview by Kyle that’s titled “The Spirit of Los Angeles.” In addition to the stories about how I got here, and why I stuck around, the piece includes delightful photos of our house by the awesome Justin Sullivan. He managed to pluck some great details from our blissfully unstaged rooms, including this shot:

Which I think pretty much sums up the spirit of my closet.

Thanks to Kyle for such a great interview and Justin for such gorgeous photography. You can hop on over and start reading Los Angeles I’m Yours, or follow them on Twitter for updates. Los Angeles, I’m Yours? I’m yours.

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