Magic forest

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Last week my friend Liz and I slipped away to the gorgeous Enchantment Resort in Sedona for less than 24 hours of much-needed R&R.

Just after sunrise

We got up early the next morning and took a hike through Boynton Canyon, the steep tangerine walls that hug the property.

Our Ansel Adams shot

It was a pretty enough walk, with the canyon around us just beginning to glow.


But after walking through a still-mostly-green forest, suddenly we rounded a corner, and the trees started to match the rocks.

Green veins

We don’t know if it was the minerals in the soil or maybe the pull of the vortex that supposedly pumps energy into the canyon, but in this little grove of trees there were some of the most beautiful fall colors we’d ever seen.


There were a whole range of hues that seemed to be pre-approved by the Sedona board of tourism.


But the hot pink leaves were the highlight.

Looking up

The leaves were so bright, it was like standing underneath a stained glass window.

Couldn't get enough of the pink

I tell you: I have never seen such vibrant color.

Leaf motif

And with a few more steps it was gone. Back to the green, green forest.

Prickly pear juice!

After soaking up all that color there was only one thing to order at breakfast—the bright magenta prickly pear juice, of course.

More photos from Sedona.

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