Colorful Colorado

Fall in Crested Butte

I know what you’re thinking: Forget gelato, Los Angeles, walking. What this blog needs is more photos of trees! And I agree! Being the fall-deprived Angeleno that I am, I went all the way to Crested Butte, Colorado to snap shots of the aspens in color. Except when I got there, the leaves were pretty much all gone.

Greenish leaves

What leaves hadn’t left weren’t exactly the golden yellow hearts you see fluttering through those John Denver lyrics. A wet autumn had rendered them more like a pale chartreuse.

Fire Protection District

Luckily, there was plenty more color to find in town.

Loved this porch

From the houses.

Red swing

To the recreational equipment.

Bikes of CB

Even the bikes are colorful in Crested Butte.

Stuffed bike

And sometimes… stuffed.

Carved pumpkins

It seemed like some people in Crested Butte were fed up with the trees losing their leaves, and carved them into seasonal lawn ornaments instead.

Heating bill

Or porch decor.

Continental Divide

Really, who needs trees, anyway? Certainly not the Continental Divide.

More photos of Crested Butte.

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  • Make and Do Girl

    Yay for Colorado! Just looking at pictures of it makes me happy.