The little things

Going up

It’s amazing really, how something handmade can instantly trump the tallest towers.


How seeing the evidence of someone’s hard work makes you want to stop and stare.

Pinata District

And the little imperfections make these contributions far more interesting than anything else on the block.


It’s the same feeling you get when you see a natural phenomenon that triumphs over a man-made spectacle.

Staying straight

Or when nature and humans work closely together.

Little Tokyo

Which we really should do more often.

More photos from the USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship.

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  • lydia labat

    handmade urbanism is a cool concept.  I had not heard the term b4

  • Jon Setzen

    The second to last image is amazing. You’re channelling Gabriel Orozco. Beautiful post.

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  • Rachel

    Nice post, Alissa! It’s the touch of the hand that draws our eye.

  • handmade urbanism