Why let kids have all the fun?

826 LA's Bookmaking Event for Adults December 2!

The one drawback of being involved with 826 LA is that we adults have to sit there and watch, day in and day out, all the exciting things that kids get to do when they arrive at the tutoring center-slash-writing lab-slash-time travel convenience store. And eventually we get damn jealous. Do we get to write a travel guide to the Expo Line stops? Do we get to write letters to the president? Do we get to write stories about the hero’s journey? No. No. And no.

Well, adults, now’s our chance.

On Friday, December 2, 826 LA is staying open late to host an adults-only version of its Storytelling and Bookmaking field trip, by far one of 826’s most popular events. For once, we’ll get to have as much fun as the kids as we create and execute our very own storybook, which we’ll have bound and “published” by the Barnacles, the crusty book editors who run 826’s in-house publishing efforts (I’m serious). Plus, we’ll get one thing the kids aren’t allowed to have: wine.

If you’ve ever been curious about what happens at 826 LA, or if you enjoy drinking while writing (really, what writer doesn’t?), then don’t miss this very special event, and a chance to meet some of the folks who make 826 the magical place that it is.

Update: Thanks to your support, this event is full! Follow @826LA to find out about the next one!

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