Salon of Beauty

I started off this week by writing about one of the most beautiful art installations I think I’ve ever seen. Ana Serrano, a Los Angeles native, has built a streetscape that’s based on some of our most vibrant neighborhoods—and she did it all with painted cardboard.

Maybe it’s the familiarity of the imagery, or the simplicity of the materials, but Ana’s work has resonated deeply with people of LA, who have posted, written, and tweeted some incredibly emotional responses to her work. Even after coming off my week long “noticing-binge” as I toured LA on two wheels (and two feet), capturing many of these same elements with my camera, I have to say Ana’s work has made me look even closer at the hidden-in-plain-sight gems of our streets.

You can read the whole story over at Fast Company. Have a great weekend exploring a colorful neighborhood near you.

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  • Tom

    I love it – kind of a PeeWee Hermanesque look.

  • Alissa

    Totally! You can see the evolution of the Pee-Wee set on Gary Panter’s site:

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