A slow walk in Silver Lake


Remember those slow walks I was doing for my fellowship? I did one in my neighborhood today that I just had to share.


I like having rules for these walks. Today for some reason I challenged myself to take all vertical photos. Here’s a hibiscus.

Pine arches

The great pine arches of Lucile. It seriously feels like you’re marching into an English garden.

Golden gargoyle

With the gargoyles across the street to match.


Glittery, slowly swaying palms.


Amber waves of grain. Actually pampas grass.

Giant citrus

Gargantuan citrus. I think these are pomelos.

Seems obvious.

It seems like an overly obvious sign, no? I also like how this looks like the end of a dusty desert road.

Pole face

I noticed lots of new street art in the neighborhood. Like this pole man.


It’s raining… fish?

Looks like a worm

It’s like an earthworm. With teeth.

Girl on a bike

Girl on a bike (but sadly with no face) at my new local bike shop.


So much color coordination going on here. An apartment building after my own heart.

Silver Lake

Sunset Boulevard, the Hollywood sign, palm trees, a 99-cent store, drivers, walkers, bikers and a helicopter… I think I just took the quintessential LA photo.

Pacific Ocean

And for a finale, the glint of the Pacific Ocean from my street.

More photos.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=683837663 Gregory Han

    I love seeing our old street Lucile from your viewpoint!

  • http://www.cristinawilliams.com/ cristina

    wow, i wish we’d checked out silverlake more when we lived in venice. so beautiful from a pedestrian’s point of view!