Take a seat

New bus benches for LA to replace the crappy plastic ones!

My latest column for the LA Weekly focuses on the new bus benches that are popping up all over LA. But before you (or your butt) gets too excited, be sure to read about what these bus benches really represent: Another opportunity for the city to sell bad advertising instead of building adequate infrastructure for its bus riders. (We need shade! It’s 80 degrees in February!) There are some great comments and thoughts over at Curbed LA, too, including the fact that these benches can be used as bike racks. Although I’m sure that was definitely not on purpose.

Blending in with the not-yet-ads on the new bus benches.

Until they get covered in ACCIDENTES! ads, however, the temporary flower prints on the benches do make a nice backdrop for photos, like this one I snapped of myself yesterday. As if I was sitting in a field of tulips!

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  • Carren Jao

    I have one of those benches on my street! I did notice them when I got back this year and you’re right… they are an improvement (just as long as it keeps showing me photos of flowers instead of hawking some service). Also, still no shading. Well, one can hope right?