Come sail away

Beware Ye

A few weeks ago I got a very, very exciting assignment from the LA Weekly that was phrased in the form of a question: Why are there are so many nautical and pirate bars in Koreatown?

Ships ahoy

It was definitely something I’d noticed, although I didn’t have any real theories about why.


So I tapped ten of my mateys and we set out on an expedition to find out.

Tower of beer

Uh, yeah, that’s all beer.


Along the way we met a band of deckhands who sang a merry jig. (Atley was shocked.)

The mateys

We put away plenty of grog.

And finally, Cafe Jack! #myheartwillgoon

At the end of the night, our ship really came in.

"Root beer"

Complete with “root beer.”

Tower of Power

And the high fructose corn syrup version of pirate’s booty.

You can read the whole article in this week’s issue, aptly named “I’m On a Boat.”

I should mention that my article is part of a larger LA Weekly Koreatown issue that features Jonathan Gold’s “60 Korean Dishes Every Angeleno Should Know.” It’s Jonathan’s last article for the Weekly before he moves on to the LA Times, and while I’m sad he won’t be there anymore, I’m looking forward to devouring whatever words he writes next, wherever he is.

Meanwhile, 60 things to eat in K-Town? Now that’s a bar crawl for another day.

More seafaring photos.

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