Scenes from an 80-degree weekend


It’s been exceptionally warm for the last few days, which has led to some unique shots in my camera, to say the least.

Frittata on the patio (75 degrees at 10am!)

We ate meals outside at our new table.


Everything seemed to explode into bloom. And the smell! Jasmine plus orange blossom equals heaven.


The light was particularly lovely.


We took lots of walks and discovered interesting things that we hadn’t seen on cooler days.

The view from up here

It’s tough to see in this photo but something about the combination of the light and the exceptionally clear sky made it feel like the ocean (on the horizon there) was a 10 minute walk away.

Grasshopper and the city

Even the crickets came out to see the view.


On Sunday was the opening of Sunset Triangle, a new pedestrian plaza in Silver Lake. It’s certainly photogenic.

And I wasn't the only one wearing a green polka-dot dress at today's Sunset Triangle opening.

The only thing more exciting than finding a green polka-dot dress to wear to the opening was finding ANOTHER person in a green polka-dot dress! Can’t wait for summer.

More hot photos.

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