A few weeks ago when I was in Portland, my friend Amy took me to the Dagobah system.


It was actually the Audubon Society. But I’m pretty sure Yoda lived there.


Every surface was dripping with moss (and rain).


The ferns felt like they were growing right in front of our eyes.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different kinds of moss and lichens.

Raging river

And so much water.


Along the way we met some friends.

Peregrine falcon

Including a peregrine falcon with a deformed talon who had been rescued and raised in captivity. I’m pretty sure the Force was strong with him.

More Portland photos.

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  • http://ediekahulapereira.blogspot.com/ Ediekahulapereira

    nice images alissa…love the kelp-like growth on tree trunk.
    favorite season in oregon…fall

  • Anonymous

    Cool pics! The lizard (?) was amazing!

  • Neal

    Alissa–Small world, I worked with Amy and adore her! Tell her I said hello next time you speak. -Neal Broverman, Curbed LA

  • Neal

    Sorry for double commenting, but you can tell her I’m still at The Advocate!! -NB

  • http://twitter.com/helloambition caroline

    so magical! I need to visit this place. last summer I went to the falls when it was raining and it’s true, the plants and moss seemed to be growing right in front of our eyes.

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