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As you may have heard here on this very blog, Keith and I are getting married this summer, which is very exciting in and of itself. But perhaps just as exciting is the fact that we are taking our honeymoon in what is perhaps the most sacred place on the planet for me: Italy.

And we need your ideas on where to go!

We have a few destinations sketched out. We have to start in Venice, for reasons I will reveal shortly. We want to end in Rome and spend a few days there. Ideally, during the week in between, we wouldn’t want to travel around too much, so we’d like to spend a few days in two different locations. First, we’d love to stay in a villa outside a smallish town for a few days, where we could ride bikes to local wineries and farms and other towns throughout the area. Then we’d like to head to a hotel or resort in a small beach town for a few days, where there’s not much more to do than eat, drink and stare at the Mediterranean.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for places to to stay. I’ve traveled throughout Italy but it was a while ago. We’d love ideas for new places or secret spots. Perhaps your great aunt has a gorgeous villa that she only rents out to friends. Or maybe your college roommate runs a beautiful inn that’s perfect for a honeymooning couple. And of course, I am always accepting your recommendations for the finest gelaterias.

Please dispense your advice here so others might benefit from your wisdom. And if your aunt’s villa is available in early September, go ahead and tell her we’re on our way!


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  • branden rio


    I stumbled my way into the best way to see Venice with a train that arrived at 4:45am. Venice between the hours of 5am and 8am is absolutely splendid, and is one of my favorite memories from all my travelling. 
    I did the “staying at villas and biking through the olive groves” trip in southern Italy (near Bari) a few years ago, and I don’t have any advice except to say that the entire experience was amazing and I hope to do it again, and I’m envious of your plans. 

  • Dave

    I personally suggest Lake Como or, even better, Lake Garda which very popular as a holiday destination among German, British, Dutch and northern European tourists in general. Here you can find stunning views and landscapes, villas for rent, enjoy city and mountain bike rides, city sightseeing (this is a very convenient location, you’re 25 miles from Verona, 25 miles from Brescia, about 100 miles from Venice, some of the most enchanting locations in the Italian Dolomites are easily reachable, and so on).
    I suggest you to google for some pics to get an idea of both the lakeside and the adjacent countryside. The northern part of the lake is stunning and most of the old buildings (built during the Mussolini era) are art nouveau or Liberty.
    The intro sequence of Bond’s “Quantum of Solace” was actually shot on this lake’s coastal road.
    And the small town of Salò alone features three extraordinary gelaterias.
    Feel free to ask for more info!

  • alex

    no italy recs, but sounds like you’d love mendoza, argentina and the surrounding region. we went last may, excellent climate, great farm foods and wine, malbec perfected, bike-riding from spot to spot, affordable, low-key, nice good-looking people. mendoza airport has grapes growing in their front yard! another trip maybe   

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  • Studio Porcupine

    Venezia – although almost 2 years ago … I did celebrate my Birthday in bella Venezia and we stayed at – affordable, clean and almost around the corner from Peggy Guggenheim’s house / now museum (such a fab place), so not too touristy and easy to get to by vaporetto (well, like anywhere in Venice really)And of course from Venice to Rome – Tuscany is a must, pretty much anywhere in Tuscany and any bar in Florence along the river where all places seem to have wonderful food free to snack on while drinking a gorgeous glass of wine … Sono un po gelosa ^__^

  • dancin’ fool

    Hi Alissa, I’m italian (but living abroad); I can definitely suggest you Tuscany  and its hills for the house in the country, wine and beautiful landscapes (Lucca, Montalcino, Siena, San Giminiano etc.); for the sea the “5 terre” (Liguria), Isola d’Elba, Sardinia of course, Salento (Puglia) – there are many other nice places but these are the ones I know by person and love.

    Happy honeymoon :)

  • Mariawiden

    There’s a small village called Pieve a preciano in Tuscany. I like it there. And Montepulciano is nice, also in Tuscany!

  • AllanA

     Hello, I’m from Italy and came to the states when I was 4.  My parents are there now too.  My mother and I are from Trieste, Italy.  I love going back there.  It gives you a sense of a decent size city.  Alot of tourist don’t stop there cause they are on their way to the Adriatic Coast or to Venice.  Which makes it fine as you’ll experience the locals there. 

    One place that I’ve learned about fairly recently is of the Temple of Damanhur.  You can read about it here,  If you go, I would love to hear about it.

    I wish you the best and I hope you two have a wonderful journey.