Summer fever

Summer squash

It’s June 1 with no gloom in sight and I’m having some serious summer fever. Coincidentally, so is our garden, which exploded earlier this week with a bumper crop of summer squash. Confession: the little yellow gourds aren’t my favorite vegetable—I find them slimy and bland and I’d MUCH rather just eat the blossoms, ricotta-stuffed, battered and fried—but since we’re going to have them around, I wanted to find some great ways to use them. I started to search online until I realized I had the best possible recipe rolodex at my fingertips. So I posted my quandary to Twitter and FB, and lo and behold, a summer’s worth of squash recipes for all. Feast your eyes!

From Emily: Zucchini Butter and Summer Squash with Baked Eggs

From Heather: “Halve lengthwise, sprinkle with parmesan, s&p and broil till the cheese is browned and it’s half-cooked,” plus an entire story on squash she wrote last year!

From Shelley: “Great grated and sauteed with butter and nutmeg. Also in chunks sauteed with butter and fresh thyme. (A little salt and pep for both versions!)”

From Kara: “Shred it and sauté with garlic, salt and pepper.”

From Sarah: Zucchini Bread Recipe

From Farmscape: Zucchini Ribbon Salad

From Kikikarpus: Shaved Summer Squash Salad with Prosciutto Crisps

From rvabusiness: “I like to just saute them up with onions.”

From FarmerRussell: “Fritters!” “Good with gnocchi, too!”

How about that? I love the internet. Back with more warm-weather stories next week. Have a great weekend!

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