Rainbow bright


A few weeks ago I traveled to a magical place in the desert with 22 of my closest girlfriends.

Colorful day

The Saguaro Palm Springs is a former Holiday Inn that was renovated earlier this year.

The physical improvements to the hotel were minimal—the most stunning change is a new 14-shade color palette inspired by desert flora.

Saguaro tour

Say what you will about the decor (someone on Curbed said it was “like they puked up Skittles”) but being in a place so saturated with color made me so incredibly happy. Or maybe it was being with 22 of my closest girlfriends—tough to know for sure!

Saguaro tour

Everywhere I looked there was a color combination that thrilled me. (Purple and lime green! Pink and yellow!)


Each surface changed in tone throughout the day, depending on the light.

Saguaro tour

Even the landscaping matched perfectly.

Tasting the rainbow.

So I wanted to match, too. For the entire weekend, I was determined to stick with the palette. From my toes…

Rainbow suit

To my suit…

To my shoes…

Dress by Donna

To a dress that my mom made for the occasion. (Thanks, mom!)

Soon I started seeing rainbows everywhere.

Compressed melons

Party time.

It's a trend

The bag rules

One highlight of the weekend was the surprise reveal of these custom tote bags, made secretly for me by my friend Sonja with artwork by one Keith Scharwath (of course).


And another was this beautiful bracelet made by my friends Trish and Laura Kate, who own Kindred Stones. It features the zodiac birthstones of all my closest girlfriends.

My beautiful bracelet!

And wouldn’t you know it… it was rainbow, too.

More rainbow photos.

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