Double header

Double header in this week's @LAWeekly.

I have two stories in this week’s LA Weekly, which means I get my name in ALL CAPS on the table of contents—twice!

First, I test-drove various art and culture apps with the goal of discovering new art and artists in Los Angeles. It wasn’t easy—in general I was disappointed with the lack of awesome LA apps—but I did manage to stumble upon some wonderful and unexpected experiences.

Second, I wrote about the amazing Small Demons, a website that catalogs and indexes references in books. It’s hard to explain, so just head on over to the story. In reporting this story, I managed to find some of the city’s best fried chicken, enjoyed in one of the city’s most surprising locations.

I didn’t realize it until after I saw them published together, but both of these stories are about finding new places in LA, something my jaded brain sometimes tricks me into thinking is no longer possible. (11 years here on August 1!) It’s lovely to find yourself standing somewhere, utterly surprised by what the city has to offer—and even more awesome when a transformative new technology designed and built right here in LA is what helped you get there.

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