Italian Scoops: My walking shoes

The shoes

We’re home! We’re home! With one liter of “extra vergine” olive oil, three dozen mosquito bites (thank you, Tuscany), and over 500 photos. As I sort through them, I’ll pluck out the highlights from our trip and post them here. First (and most importantly), the shoes that helped me stroll through two weeks of Italy.

After one pair of shoes broke in Venice, and another made me tumble down a staircase, I started to seriously evaluate my footwear choices. My jellies and TOMS do me quite well here in LA where the sidewalks are like concrete velcro. But in Italy you’re confronted with an infrastructural pedestrian challenge: the ancient marble or stone sidewalks are slippery even when they’re dry, and downright suicidal when wet.

Luckily, I had one extra pair of shoes besides my slick-footed companions: my Frye Regina ballet flats in silvery-pink metallic leather (I bought mine at Nordstrom). Frye, as you may know, makes the best cowboy boots on the planet, and I figured they’d likely offer the support, grip, and style I needed for my high-powered Italian sightseeing. (I actually wore them for our wedding for the same reason—yes, you can wear something from your wedding day again!)

Over the course of two weeks, I walked MILES (ok, KILOMETERS) in these shoes and have no blisters, bunions, corns, callouses, sprained ankles, hammer toes, or other infirmities to report. Plus, after spending the day trudging through tourists, I could stroll into a fine restaurant without any fashion-related hesitation.

As I danced over Roman ruins, my feet light as air, my Fryes were indeed like a gift from the gods.

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