Italian Scoops: Spritz!

Spritz time

Every vacation needs a signature cocktail. And the cocktail for our honeymoon was the Aperol Spritz. Or just Spritz, as we called it—a fizzy, citrusy, electric orange cocktail that pairs especially well with a swimming pool, as you can see. (I know I look like I’m rocking out to some Italian hard-core punk but I am actually trying to get water out of my ear.)

Aperol is an apertif made with orange peel and herbs. It’s kind of like a less bitter Campari—and if you’re like me and suffered your way through those bitter Negronis just because you wanted to look cool, the Aperol Spritz will be your very best friend. In fact, just two weeks before our trip, the New York Times published a story about how hot the trendy tangerine-hued cocktail is in the states (they also published a similar story in 2010, go figure).

According to the Aperol website, this is the official recipe:

3 parts Prosecco
2 parts Aperol
1 splash of soda or seltzer
Pour over ice in a large wine glass
Add slice of orange

But we welcomed improvisations. You can drink Aperol with pretty much anything, as we would discover. I even ordered a Spritz Bull, with, yes, Red Bull.

Once we had our first taste of Spritz, it was hard not to order it everywhere we went.


We had Spritz in the morning,

Spritz! And also bellini

Spritz in the evening.

Ah Venice

Spritz on the canals.

The last square, the last sunset, the last spritz.

Spritz on the square.

And we can’t wait to make our first Spritz back at home.

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  • Denis

    Glad you had spritz in northen-east Italy, that’s the place that invented the drink. More precisely, in Padua. :)

    The last pic looks like Santa Maria in Trastevere, isn’t it? The drink has spread in nearly all Italy, even Uk I think, but in the north-east you get the better version.

    Speaking of which, in the very northen part of Italy they drink the Spitz… similar to Spritz but with a syrup made from sambuco flowers instead of Aperol

  • Alissa

    Oh good to know! We met some Germans who claimed they invented it! And yes, it’s Santa Maria, you nailed it. Would love to try the Spitz, ha!

  • Denis

    I was looking for a pic of a spitz bottle, but I can only find pics of very cute dogs (awww).