Passionate about passion flowers

Passion flower on a chain link fence, LA's sexiest summer bloom.

No matter where I’m walking in LA, even if I’m late for a bus, the sight of a passion flower will quite literally stop me in my tracks.

Passion flower

These insane, otherworldly blossoms clinging most often to a chain-link fence are perhaps the most intriguing flora in all of Los Angeles.

The extraterrestrial beauty of a passionflower in full bloom.

With their sculptural petals, alien-like stamens and that explosive halo of tie-dyed violet and purple, they almost don’t look like they’re real.

Purple passionflower.

So imagine my surprise yesterday to discover a purple one in Echo Park. Not only that, it was coiled ever-so-elegantly around a purple fence. One stylish flower, indeed.

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  • Carren_Jao

    That’s what this is called! :) Thank you!