We’re sending $330 to Sandy relief!

Earlier this week I posted a contest to send money to Sandy relief and give away one of the beautiful posters created to promote my upcoming AIGA Colorado talk. All you had to do is leave a comment telling me where you like to walk in your city.

Well, I’m thrilled to say that there were 26 comments on the post, plus seven comments on Facebook, which I’ll go ahead and count, so that’s a grand total of $330! The Staten Island wish list I had hoped to purchase items from has been fulfilled (which I think is a good thing!) and I didn’t want to purchase any items for it that weren’t requested. But while I was there, I saw that Amazon had set up its own Sandy relief page, with donations going to the Red Cross. So I made the donation there.

Now to announce the winner of the poster! I thought that I would be able to pick my favorite story about where you love to walk in your city, but I had too many favorites—they were all so great. So my mom helped me to choose one at random, and it couldn’t have been more appropriate:

I’m lucky enough to live in Brooklyn, so I’ve walked to many places in this borough and the next. It may sound cliche, but I would say my favorite place to walk, hands down, is Brooklyn bridge. Each direction has its own appeal. I’ve walked from my old office building into Brooklyn along the bridge and love the feeling of getting closer to home and the ability to stop at Grimaldi’s pizza along the way! I also love walking into Manhattan with its beautiful city skyline in the foreground. And the bridge at night is sooo beautiful. It must be one of the best places to walk in the country. Thanks so much for running this contest Alissa. This is awesome!

So congratulations to Sheena Medina, and I’m very happy to be sending this little slice of gelato-sunshine to New York. (Send me your address, Sheena!)

Thanks to everyone who left a comment, and special thanks for walking in your city. And looking forward to meeting some of you tonight at the Denver Art Museum (details here)!

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