Why did the peacock cross the road?

Peacock Crossing

You really never know what you’ll see on the streets of Los Angeles. While on my way to the Arboretum today, I took a detour through one of the nearby neighborhoods and this little guy darted out in the road in front of me.


It shouldn’t have surprised me, really, since I did see the signs. These peafowl are descendants of the first-ever flock of peacocks to be brought to the continental U.S., by Lucky Baldwin, who kept them at his Arcadia ranch starting in the 1880’s. When his ranch became the Arboretum, the peacocks stayed, roaming the grounds. And they often wander out the front entrance, off the property and into the lawns nearby for snacks (apparently they’re skilled at killing rattlesnakes). Arboretum staffers told me that even though they can fly, they usually just end up walking across the street. I hope they use the crosswalks.

Currently racing a peacock down a suburban street. (And winning, I might add.)

Besides being so street-savvy, they’re also surprisingly fast. I swear this little pedestrian peafowl was totally racing me for an entire block. In the end, I won. But he had a better outfit on for sure.

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  • Carren_Jao

    I passed by the sign while on my way to the 626 Market last time. Didn’t spot any peafowls though. This is really cool!