Picnic lunch

Awesome lunch from Gail!

I think that just about the nicest thing that anyone can do for another person is to pack them a lunch. Of course it has all the connotations of a brown-bag stuffed by mom on the first day of school, but it’s also such a lovely ritual of preparing and packaging every course. It’s essentially the act of wrapping a meal into a half-dozen miniature presents.

Santa Clarita

I had such a lunch packed for me by the awesome Gail Swanlund when I went to speak to her CalArts class for the day. She knew I’d have busy day with not much time to secure nourishment and she wanted to make sure my energy stayed high. The best part is, when we did have a few minutes, she made sure I also had a beautiful place to enjoy it. That’s a better view than any restaurant. Thanks Gail, and thanks to her awesome class at CalArts for having me up for the day.

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