Big Bear, big bird

Lake vistas

For Thanksgiving we wanted to get back to our pilgrim roots. So we voyaged across the Inland Empire, braving the tumultuous traffic of the 210 and the savage outlet mall shoppers. And we eventually landed Big Bear Lake for the weekend.

Sand Canyon

We didn’t see any big bears, unfortunately. We saw a lot of big trees. Most of which smelled like butterscotch.

Dead butterscotch trees

Some of them were dead due to beetles.

Fire tree

And some had been very badly burned. Like a creme brûlée tree, I guess.

It gets dark early

Even though it was edging towards winter, there were still plenty of beautiful frost-nipped wildflowers.

Pretty red flowers

With plenty of color on the landscape.

Foraged centerpieces.

I gathered a big bunch for our Thanksgiving table.

Self Cleaning Kitchen

We made a big bird in the self-cleaning kitchen.


And enjoyed a big feast with our family and friends. We were just finishing the meal when we heard a knock at the door…

What's this? A gift of peace from one of our new forest friends?

And what do you know, one appeared after all. He even came bearing gifts.

More shots from Big Bear.

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