Pointy boots

The very best part about doing what I do is when I get to learn something new. Which, luckily, happens almost every day. For my latest LA Weekly story I headed out to East LA to review the MexiCali Biennial, an exhibition at the Vincent Price Art Museum featuring 33 artists from Mexico and California that will show on both sides of the border. The theme of this year’s biennial is cannibalism, which is portrayed not quite in the way you’d think, and also totally in the way you’d think.

There were a lot of pieces in this show that I really liked, but one of my absolute favorites is the one pictured above:

This idea of consuming and reappropriating various parts of Mexican and American culture is illustrated to comic effect in Cindy Santos Bravo‘s piece on “pointy boots,” a subculture merging electronica and Mexican folk music, where dance troupes sport skinny jeans and cowboy boots with tips so long the wearers can hold onto them like reins. (For reference, watch the Vice magazine video “Mexican Pointy Boots.”) In a poof of feathers and outrageously long boot tips, Bravo manages to both glorify and lampoon the flamboyant trend, which is now being mixed and remixed on both sides of the border.

That Vice video, by the way, is definitely worth watching:

You can read my whole story over at the LA Weekly.

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