The world’s biggest City Walks Architecture: New York fan

City Walks Architecture: New York

As most of you remember, a few years back I wrote City Walks Architecture: New York, which may very well be the most important deck of cards ever written about New York architecture. Yes, I said cards, because the brilliance of the City Walks series is that it is not a book, it is a series of cards. 25, in fact, which you can pluck out of their box and arrange in any order you’d like. And this, apparently, is what one very intelligent child in St. Louis, Missouri, is doing.

Matilda reviews City Walks Architecture: New York

Meet Matilda. She’s not even two but she’s already a pretty serious New York architecture fan. As you can see here, she loves Isamu Noguchi.

Matilda reviews City Walks Architecture: New York

Yes, I’ve seen City Walks pop up at the Royalton Hotel and at the MoMA bookstore but to be honest, I’ve never seen such a discerning review of my work. Look how she debates contemporary vs. traditional architecture while comparing the New Museum to the Rose Reading Room of the New York Public Library. (She’s not a fan of infrastructure, apparently, since the Brooklyn Bridge has been relegated to the floor.)

Matilda is so critical of my work she spends hours poring over my research, “assigning” various neighborhoods to her contemporaries so she can remember to discuss elements of the urban environment with them.

Matilda reviews City Walks Architecture: New York

You won’t find City Walks in the children’s section, but as you can see, it’s never too early to start introducing your child to the world of New York architecture.

Thanks to Matilda’s parents, Lisa and Caleb, for sharing her review with me.

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