The Super American Sport Score Zone Room

Why watch the Super Bowl when you can watch @freebrianrea and @scharwath?

While you were sitting down, drinking beer, mainlining guacamole last Sunday, a pair of artists were feverishly interpreting the Super Bowl in real time at an undisclosed location (okay, Eagle Rock). Brian Rea and Keith Scharwath documented the scores, the commercials, even the blackout on a wall using analog materials like tape, paper, markers, balloons, several cases of beer, and at least one slice of pizza.

I was lucky enough to act as their studio assistant (you can see my red dress hovering in a few of the shots) and here’s what the almost-seven-hour process looked like:

And some of my favorite moments…

We documented the time it took for our Domino’s order to arrive using the Pizza Tracker:

Three minutes until halftime!

Beyonce, OF COURSE:

Here comes #Beyonce!!!! #thesuperamericansportscorezoneroom

When the power went out in the Superdome, our power mysteriously went out, too:

We're also experiencing a power outage. #thesuperamericansportscorezoneroom

As the game got closer, our tableau filled with voodoo dolls, bourbon and Mardi Gras beads:

Touchdown SF! #thesuperamericansportscorezoneroom

In the end, the Ravens won. And I got to tape “Mucho Cheese” doodles to the wall:

And that's Super Bowl XLVII! #thesuperamericansportscorezoneroom

Thanks to everyone who followed along. Who’s up for Oscar Night?

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