Downtown to LACMA in 15 photos (and one video)

Here we go! If you see a woman looking up and talking to herself along Wilshire today, say hi!

Beautiful old streetlights on Wilshire I'd never noticed before.
Who knew? This used to be Charlie Chaplin's house and it's *filled* with memorabilia.
Crazy Peter Shire-esque art in a Home Depot parking lot. Maybe something from the '84 Olympics?
Groan. A mural on the right honoring LA's teachers has a typo: "Los Angele's"
These guys felt bad that I had to walk so far and insisted I take an apple.
I'm such a sucker for good cement.
Just got in trouble for taking this photo of the Bullocks Wilshire Building.
Necessary Wilshire-walking food: Churros!
Is it too early for grog?
There's not a bad angle on this building.
Walkers are lonely on this stretch of Wilshire.
Dude, I had no idea Jesus got a star!
Meet Ruben Pardo, who's been operating this 1929 mahogany elevator for over 35 years.
Hoped to end with a cocktail at LACMA, forgot it was closed. Whiskey will have to do.

I spent yesterday (National Walking Day!) strolling Wilshire from its start at the corner of Grand downtown all the way to Fairfax as part of a radio piece. It just so happened that my final destination for the evening—a car-free panel at SAG, which is already online—was a few blocks away from my stopping point, so it worked out perfectly. The only snag was that I planned to end at LACMA for art and cocktails, and forgot that it was closed on Wednesdays. So I went around the corner to Tom Bergin’s for whiskey instead. Which worked out juuuuuust fine.

When I mapped out the 6.5 mile trek on Google Maps it said it would take two hours, eight minutes on foot. I thought I gave myself plenty of time to walk and gawk, but the adventure ended up taking OVER FIVE HOURS. The reason? I couldn’t help myself. I would go into buildings that piqued my interest, cross back and forth across the street to get different perspectives of the same block, and talk to anyone who’d have a conversation with me. It was quite different than any walk I’ve ever done in the sense that I really just let myself explore.

All that meandering also translated into some serious mileage. Appropriately, for National Walking Day, I hit over 24, 200 steps, and almost 10 miles.

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