In the pink


Soooooo ridiculously behind in posting photos from recent events (Dodger Stadium tour! CAMP! Meeting my new nephew! My trip to France and Switzerland!) but I just came across these on this particularly gloomy morning and had to get them posted right away to brighten my day (and yours!).

Bougainvillea is probably my favorite LA flora. Yes, jacarandas are up there, but since they’re seasonal, they’re fleeting—bougainvillea are there for you ALL YEAR LONG. During this year’s Big Parade, I made a point to document as many of them as I could along the 30-mile route, which you can see is rife with hot pink (and red, and orange, and white, and purple).

My love for bougainvillea is so strong, I’ve bonded over them with my fellow boug-lover Laure Joliet and we’re embarking upon a project to celebrate this glorious creature. And you can help! Simply take a photo of your favorite bougainvillea (in LA) and upload it to wherever you upload photos, tag it #bougainvillea and be sure to have geo-tagging turned on (under Settings>Privacy>Location Services on your iPhone). We’ll be in touch with more details soon. Until then, enjoy searching for the pinkest corners of your neighborhood.

More photos from the Big Parade.

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