Saying Hi

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I’ve really been enjoying Hi, a new website that lets you attach photos and text to a location, then, if you’d like, add a longer story that they call “a moment.” Co-founder Craig Mod wrote an awesome piece with more detail about the platform, but here’s how Hi describes itself:

We love cities.
We love stories.
We love travel,
and we love maps.
Hi is about all those things.

Um, SOLD. Plus it’s an absolutely beautiful interface that’s already well-populated with memories from interesting people all over the world. The last few days on Hi have brought me tremendous joy as I find myself discovering new places in my own city, reminiscing about places I’ve been, and planning trips to places I never knew I needed to go.

Here’s my latest moment, from last weekend’s trip to Vegas, and all my moments so far. I’m trying to post one of these per day. If you’d like to sign up, drop me an email at alissa at gelatobaby dot com, I’ve got a few invites left.

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